How to Connect and Trade from Multiple Hardware Wallets at Once With Faast

There’s a strong argument to be made that a hardware wallet represents the ideal combination of security and accessibility for digital assets. You get the benefits of cold storage, yet it’s very easy to connect your wallet to your computer and manage your holdings. For a long time though, there was a major setback to using hardware wallets: it was just too cumbersome to manage multiple wallets at once. But now there’s a solution: with Faast, you can connect multiple hardware wallets at the same time and manage your portfolio easier than ever before.

Once you try it, you’ll understand that Faast will be the last crypto portfolio management tool you’ll ever need.

The Problem With Hardware Wallets

Hardware wallets like those made by Trezor and Ledger are fantastic products. They allow you to securely store a variety of cryptocurrencies and, assuming you are responsible with keeping track of your passwords and recovery phrases, you’ll never have to worry about losing your funds or being hacked. If you have cryptocurrency that you just want to “HODL” and not touch for awhile, a hardware wallet is definitely the way to go.

You have to connect it your computer, send the assets to an exchange wallet (paying fees along the way) and then start trading to get the coins you want (paying more fees) and finally sending them back to your hardware wallet (paying a 3rd round of fees).

And of course, if you have your crypto holdings spread across multiple hardware wallets (which is probably a good idea) you’ll have to switch back and forth and connect and reconnect your wallets to find the coins you’re looking for. The next thing you know, several hours have gone by.

At some point you have to ask yourself: isn’t there a better way to do this? Multiple Hardware Wallet Support: A Smarter Way to Trade

Imagine if you could skip all that nonsense and trade cryptocurrencies directly from your hardware wallet.

Imagine if you could connect ALL your hardware wallets at once, toggle back and forth between them, and effortlessly rebalance your portfolio with just a few clicks.

Imagine if managing all your hardware wallets was EASY instead of tedious.

We’ve got news for you: you can stop imagining, because you that’s exactly what Faast allows you to do.

How to Connect and Trade From More Than One Hardware Wallet

If you have more than one Trezor or Ledger wallet, you can connect them all to your computer at once and view all the holdings of your wallets with Faast.

Just go to and you’ll see a list of the wallets supported by Faast. At the top under “hardware wallets” you’ll see icons for both Trezor and Ledger brand wallets.

Just choose the one you want to connect first and follow the directions from there.

Because the user interfaces are a little different on each one, we’ve written separate user guides to describe how to connect your specific hardware wallet model:

Trezor One — How to Make Effortless Cross-Chain Trades with a Trezor Wallet

Trezor Model T — How to Trade Crypto Directly From Your Trezor Model T

Nano Ledger S — How to Make Effortless Cross-Chain Trades with a Ledger Wallet

Pick your favorite wallet, get connected and start swapping assets! You’ll be able to switch back and forth between hardware wallets with our simple and intuitive user interface.

In this example, we see a Trezor and Ledger wallet connected in the lefthand panel of the Faast UI. You can generate charts combining total wallet holdings, or one wallet at a time.

Simple, frictionless and secure. The way crypto trading should be.

Visit us now and get started.


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