How to Use Status Mobile Ethereum Wallet with Faast

Setting up Your Status Mobile Wallet

On the Status website, choose your smartphone operating system, and click the link. The installation directions for each differ slightly, but it’s relatively straightforward. For the iPhone, you’ll need to install the TestFlight app first (you can find it in the app store.)

For Android, selected the Android link and Google Play app store and download the app labeled “Status — Ethereum. Anywhere.”

If you have an iPhone, install the TestFlight app first, and then go back to the website. Having TestFlight on your phone will now allow you to successfully download and install beta apps.

How to Use Your Status Wallet with Faast

Just copy and past the URL for the Faast website ( into the URL bar in the Status app. Hit the “Go” key and you’ll be taken to the Faast home page.

The Status mobile wallet’s development is ongoing, and when Faast is listed in the app, this article will be updated to reflect how the process has been made even easier. For now, take it for a test run and start making effortless swaps with Faast wherever you go!

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